Internet Service Provider

Our broadband reseller platform allows you to operate as a virtual ISP. You have full control over your orders from the moment you place them to the time you collect money. We have a few options available to you:

1. Freelance Reseller

You are not tied to Aptics in any way. Just convert leads to clients on Aptics' behalf and you earn an increasing commission for each client.

Details available only on request.

2. Virtual Internet Service Provider

When you become an Aptics VISP, you gain access to all our services and you will be able to brand them as your own. The beauty of it is that you do not have to compete with Aptics, all your products/services can have the same prices as ours.

Virtual ISPs using our services do not need any equipment, servers, phone lines, data lines or employees needed to start your Internet Service. We can offer everything you need to be a Nationwide Internet Service Provider right away! Low setup fees and no minimums means you can afford to break into the Virtual ISP business today.

3. Independent Internet Service Provider

This option is the crown jewel! It has unlimited flexibility and convenience. You can setup your own network operating center (NOC) with servers, Internet links, etc. and you connect your customers, brand and tailor your products and services as you like and most importantly, you have ultimate control over all your customer. The beauty of it is that you still are able to access our Fibre, VSAT and WiMAX networks without a hassle.

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